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Hangar 13 Releases FPS Patch

2016-10-08 PyPKjE 0

As promised, the patch slated to remove the controversial 30 FPS lock has been released via Steam. It is still not known why the game was released with a lock on the framerate when the team was able to ready a build supporting higher framerates and release a patch days after launch. Regardless, it’s a good thing that this patch will get the Mafia III port up to par with most other 8th gen ports, which is relieving but also disappointing because of how great the Mafia II port was. It’s a shame that the series has gone from being a PC exclusive series to viewing the PC platform as something of an afterthought, and it’s a good thing that fans are pushing for patches to bring the game up to Mafia II levels of port quality. Many Mafia fans are currently saddened by the fact that the slew of technical issues that are plaguing Mafia III at release are preventing gamers […]

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Mafia III Has Been Released, Time to Get Modding

2016-10-07 PyPKjE 0

Hot on the heels of the disheartening announcement that Mafia III will be capped at 30fps comes the actual release of the game. Five years after our beloved Mafia II hit store shelves the third entry of the series, set in developer Hangar 13’s version of 1960’s New Orleans, is now available worldwide to everyone who pre-ordered. While the change in setting from more traditional NYC-esque metropolises to a unique southern cultural hotspot will inevitably be an interesting one for the series, the inclusion of Vito Scaletta, the star of Mafia II, has surely convinced many fans of the series to give Hangar 13’s bold vision a chance. It’s worth noting that while Mafia III’s star is Lincoln Clay, Vito’s been in all three Mafia games, and while his role in the first game was small he’s been front and center in the latter two entries. On the technical end of things, Mafia III may unfortunately undergo a troubled launch. While the game is already being praised for […]