Mafia 2 McDonald’s Restaurant Mods

2017-02-16 PyPKjE 0

Mafia 2 McDonald’s Restaurant Mafia II Mod Showcasing McDonald’s restaurant. Mod changes Empire Diners to fast food McDonald restaurants. Enjoy eating at McDonald’s with this mod. Mod by @Mušák Download the “McDonald’s Mod” here:…

Mafia 2 Vito Tattoos (Mod Gameplay)

2017-02-16 PyPKjE 0

Mafia 2 Vito Tattoos (Mod Gameplay) Mafia II Mod Showcasing Tattoos for Vito. “Vito Tattoos” mod gives Vito Scaletta three tattoos to choose from: Full Chest/Back tattoo, Neck/gold necklace tattoo, or Cross/Kill em all/outlaw tattoo. Mod by @zahar999 @Igorek @Videos. Download the “Vito Tattoos” mod here:

Mafia III SSE 4.1 Fixed | Won’t Launch Fix | Amd Fixed | Update 4 with Voksi Crack

2017-02-12 PyPKjE 0

How to Mafia III SSE 4.1 fix Mafia 3 Amd See 4.1 fixed or Won’t Launch on amd …   WARNING: Mafia III DOES NOT work on Intel/AMD CPUs without SSE 4.1/4.2 support, Developer looking into it Crashes at desktop just like MGS V and No Mans Sky. Both games were patched by devs later, and worked fine on Phenom CPUs, so lets see if these devs fix it. EDIT: Video of the crash: YouTube™ Video: Mafia 3 AMD 1055T Crash (Doesn’t Work on Phenom/Athlon CPU) Here is a video showing Mafia 3 crashing on AMD Phenom II CPUs. Obvious oversight by devs. Same issue was faced by Quantum Break, MGS V, NO Man’s Sky and Earth Defense Force games, but devs were able mafia 3 sse 4.1 patch… EDIT 9: No response from Developers. I am refunding my game. EDIT 8: 2K SUPPORT HAS CONFIRMED THAT DEVS ARE WORKING ON SOLUTION: Malgorzata Z., Oct 11, 10:40 AM EDT: Hello […]