Mafia 2 – Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1)

2018-10-13 PyPKjE 0

Mafia 2 – Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1) Spiff’s Empire Bay Hq (1.1) for Mafia 2. Mafia II. In many’s opinions, it’s the pinnacle of story telling, and holds a sacred place in the hearts of many. No matter how timeless the story is, the graphics on the other hand, are not. This mod aims to fix that. This mod retextures many of the games textures to not only have an improved stylistic look, but to also be of higher resolution and quality than that of the original. This mod started off in late 2016, in an attempt to make ‘Empire Bay HQ’ and ‘Beta Textures’ compatible. Since then it’s sprouted in to it’s own unique mod, with it’s own unique textures. Now get out there, explore a new Empire Bay, and enjoy the world in a new, HD, light. Full List of Features as of ( 10/10/2018): – Fixed Road/Grass Trim – Fixed Rock/Grass Trim – Fixed Sand/Grass Trim – Fixed […]