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This is the Police 2 Review – PCGamer

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This is the Police 2 Review – PCGamer From PCGamer: “In This Is The Police, Jack Boyd spent his last days as Freeburg police chief in a frenzy of corruption, trying to keep the city clean while also working with the Mafia and collecting as many kickbacks as he could. In an all too realistic move, the sequel sees him evade justice and slip into a new job advising the Sheriff of a small town police force. Which, it turns out, is not an easy retirement at all.” Source: This is the Police 2 Review – PCGamer

Fortnite's latest weapon is the high-capacity Drum Gun

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Fortnite’s latest weapon is the high-capacity Drum Gun I find that the passage of time is now more or less defined by the arrival of new Fortnite weapons, and thankfully, this week is no different. The Drum Gun is the latest means of destruction heading to Epic’s battle royale. As is well-established tradition at this point, the new weapon first appeared in Fortnite’s ‘new updates’ section, which opens up as players log into the game. The Drum Gun shows up there, and its caption says it comes “with a high capacity drum magazine and a quick rate of fire.” There are plenty of them out there, so we’ve gathered the most worthy into a list of the best battle royale games. Players who came to Fortnite from PUBG might recognise the gun as similar to the DP-28, which appeared in Bluehole’s offering to the genre. Fans of 1920s Americana will likely enjoy the Drum Gun for its easy comparisons to […]

Mafia 3 – Player Model Changer

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Mafia 3 – Player Model Changer Player Model Changer mod for Mafia3. Mafia 3 Player Model Changer by jedijosh920 This mod allows you to play as any character model in Mafia 3. The models are defined in “SpawnProfiles.txt” (Name,Hash) You can find more hashes in “spawnprofiles_sds_parsed.txt”, each hash has its own set of combinables which make up a spawnprofile/model. For example, Vito’s bomber jacket model is this: SpawnProfile [Hash: 6448854747849098111] [Bytes: 7F 03 A3 C5 39 EF 7E 59] { /auto/ma_head_019_vito_ma_head_019_vito /auto_unique/901002518-ma_basebody_arm-white_a /auto/ma_jacket_032_vito_ma_jacket_032_vito /auto/ma_pants_000_ma_pants_000 /auto/ma_shoes_004_tony_ma_shoes_004_tony /auto/ma_hair_033_vito_ma_hair_033_vito } Installation: 1. Open Mafia 3 2. Run “M3PlayerModelChanger.exe” 3. Click “Attach” 4. Click “Find Address” 5. Select model or manually enter the C_HashName and press “Set” 6. Go to wardrobe in-game and wear the “Mr. Clay” outfit. Source: Mafia 3 – Player Model Changer